We are sorry to hear your card has been lost or stolen. To prevent unauthorised use of your account, please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will block your card. You can do this at any time, by logging in to your app:

- Please tap card at the bottom of the screen.

- Choose which card you would like to block by pressing on  'online cards' or 'physical cards'
- Select 'Temporarily Block Card' 
By clicking on the 'Block Card' option, your card will be blocked/frozen immediately. Should you find your card, you can easily 'Unblock' it here.

To continue to report your card as lost or stolen, please select 'Report Lost or Stolen' and 'Order Replacement Card'. Your card will be cancelled and a replacement will be mailed to you.

Alternatively, please call our 24 hour automated phone
 Toll free 0800 802 1491 or from outside the UK: +44 203 994 2222