From time to time, we might need documentary evidence from you to know the origin of the funds involved in the transaction. This is called Source of Funds(SOF). SOF explains why the funds are generated, this could be salary payments, sale proceeds, inheritance or gift.

For all of these documents, we'll need to be able to see your full name, the total amount and the date the funds were received. Please submit documents including but not limited to:

Income - savings from salary (basic and/or bonus)
Documentary evidence to show the amount of salary, employer’s name and address and the nature of business.
-Original or certified copy of payslips for the last 3 months
-letter from employer confirming salary
-Last 3 months bank statements

Sales of investment/liquidation of investment portfolios 
Documentary evidence to show the description of shares/units/deposits, name of the seller, time period held, total sale/liquidation amount and date funds received.
-Investment/savings certificates, contract notes and equivalent
-Bank statements clearly showing receipt of funds and name of the investment company
-A letter detailing receipt of funds from a regulated accountant

Sale of property
Documentary evidence to show details/address of the property sold, date of sale and total sale amount.
-Signed letter from a licenced solicitor or regulated accountant
-Certified copy of sale contract as well as proof of receipt of funds
-Letter from the estate agent

Documentary evidence to show the name of deceased, date of death, relationship to you, date received, total amount and solicitor’s details.
-Grant of Probate(with a copy of the Will) clearly showing the amount of inheritance
-Signed letter from a licenced solicitor or estate trustee

Company sale
Documentary evidence to show the name and nature of the company, date of sale, total sale amount and customer’s share.
-Signed letter from a solicitor or regulated accountant
-Copy of the contract of sale, plus bank statement showing proceeds
-Copies of media coverage as supporting evidence

Documentary evidence to show date received, total amount, the reason for gift/donation, relationship to the customer, certified identification documents for donor and donor’s source of wealth.
-Donor’s source of wealth as detailed
-Letter from the donor explaining the reason for the gift
-Certified copy of the donor’s primary ID documentation

Please note, we may request further documents and verification of your Source of Funds as appropriate.